Drop down arrows in the bookmarks toolbar are native, but they appear too large for the toolbar size




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Examples of inconsistent and over sized drop down arrows

The GTK image we are using in the bookmarks toolbar varies significantly in visual size depending on the OS theme.  Ideally we would be able to know ahead of time what size the drop down arrow would appear at, so that we could make the toolbar smaller and still have the arrow look right.  Example images are attached.

Possible solutions include:

A) Try to get the GTK OS themes to make smaller (and consistently sized) drop down arrow images available to applications.  This is harder to accomplish in that in involves filing a bug over in their system and generating artwork for every future theme, but would be the ideal solution.

B) Attempt to scale the images we are getting from the OS to adapt them to our context.  This has the downside of not looking entirely native, and also the image scaling might cause the images to blur in ways that are undesirable.


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Smaller arrow for a smaller area

Here is an example of what I think is a better balance between vertical height and arrow size, from our OS X theme.  Also here the toolbar is significantly smaller.

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This bug's priority relative to the set of other polish bugs is:
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This bug appears in multiple locations in the main window.
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