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Method to easily to change the displayed order of toolbars


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Firefox is wonderful by being able to customize it. However, the management of toolbars is very lacking. Especially in being able to rename, delete, or change the order that toolbars are displayed.

When you add a new toolbar it is always added to the bottom.

I propose that an enhancement be made to the "Customize Toolbar" dialog window by removing the "Add New Toolbar" button and replacing it with a "Manage Toolbar" button.

Upon pressing the "Manage Toolbar" dialog window would appear with a scrollable list of toolbars on the left, Five buttons on the right. "Move Up", "Move Down", "Add New Toolbar", "Rename Toolbar", and "Delete Toolbar". Two button on the bottom of the window "OK" and "Cancel"

After highlighting a toolbar in the list, a person could click the "Move Up" or the "Move Down" to move the toolbar in the list.

Clicking on "Add Toolbar" would open a dialog box below the highlighted toolbar to allow the user to enter the name.

Clicking the "Rename Toolbar" button would present a dialog box that would the user to rename the highlighted toolbar.

Clicking on "Delete Toolbar" button would remove the highlighted toolbar.

Clicking on the "oK" button would commit the changes, exit, and prompt for restart.

clicking on the "Cancel" button would discard the changes and exit.

Of course the "Menu", "Navigation", "Bookmarks", and "Tab" toolbars would be "grayed out" in the list as they are system toolbars that shouldn't be changed.

Also when Toolbars that are installed through add-ons are highlighted, the "Delete Toolbar" button would be grayed out.

This enhancement would go a long way towards making toolbars much more "customizable". I'm not sure, but I don't think an add-on could perform this enhancement. That's why I'm submitting it to Bugzilla. 

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From what I have read and experienced.

Adding toolbars is pretty straight forward except the toolbar must have something in it or it is deleted.

To delete toolbars you must remove all the items on it.

To reorder or rename toolbars you must manually make changes to the profile files (not very well documented).

These methods are not very "user friendly" They are time consuming and possibly dangerous.
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