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use for en-US dep/nightly builds


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We landed for l10n and release builds in bug 455578. We should flip over en-US dep/nightly builds in order to be consistent, and get some better testing. There's already been some bustage on the l10n nightlies that would've been caught earlier if en-US builds were using the same system.
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NightlyBuildFactory is the most important stuff here. I've added logic that generates the proper command, and then calls out to the upload target. This has been tested for both dep and nightly builds and works fine.

I moved productName out of ReleaseBuildFactory since Nightly builds depend on it now, too.

This gets rid of all of our usage of MozillaStageUpload, which is great. I'd like to get rid of SetMozillaBuildProperties, too, but I think that's going to need some Makefile hacking to get a simple way to print out the BuildID. I filed bug 475382 on this.
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Dead simple patch. Just adds productName to the configuration dict and passes it to NightlyBuildFactory.
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This patch fixes a few bugs that weren't caught in the original testing:
* try/finally statement around symlink generation. Can't use try/except/finally because is called with Python 2.3 on staging-stage. All I'd do is re-raise the exception anyways, so no big deal.
* Reject MAR files for tinderbox builds directories. It's not the greatest thing to do this here, but it's better than adding a second upload target or otherwise mucking around to not even pass them IMHO.
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Comment on attachment 358885 [details] [diff] [review] fixes for en-US nightly uploading

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I updated the checkouts on staging-stage and stage.m.o, too.
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post-upload master side, staging+production

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move en-US nightlies to upload target/ - buildbotcustom patch

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This changed landed without issue.
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