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The leaktest builds run "leakstats" to process the leak logs. In the linked URL, leakstats failed because there was a garbage character in the output. Apparently the buildbot code fails in this case, because there's a buildbot traceback in that log as well. The code should be resilient to failure there.
I poked around a few recent mozilla-191, m-c leaktest builds on tinderbox, and the URLs all seemed ok to me, afaict. Could you give more details, or an example? 

Also, how often does this happen?
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What do you mean by "the URLs seemed OK"? The problem here is that leakstats fails to parse a log and Buildbot doesn't handle that failure properly.
Mass move of bugs from Release Engineering:Future -> Release Engineering. See
http://coop.deadsquid.com/2010/02/kiss-the-future-goodbye/ for more details.
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Is this the problem showing up here? http://tinderbox.mozilla.org/showlog.cgi?log=Firefox/1270669786.1270670987.7106.gz&fulltext=1

obj-firefox/dist/bin/leakstats starting at Wed Apr  7 13:01:22 2010
Unknown event type �
obj-firefox/dist/bin/leakstats: log file incomplete
program finished with exit code 1
Unable to parse leakstats output
The tinderbox logs contain control characters like DLE or '\x10' or ^P depending on your editor encoding. Also the ^J characters.

One such example is "Unknown event type '\x10' " in the following tinderbox json chunk.  Don't try to load it into FF, it crashes FF, use wget to get the chunk and search for the ^P character at 113725

json chunk URL : http://tinderbox.mozilla.org/showbuilds.cgi?tree=Firefox&maxdate=1270595773&noignore=1&hours=24&json=1
OS X 10.6.2 mozilla-central leak test build on 2010/04/14 12:44:51  
s: moz2-darwin10-slave17

Appears to be the same thing as mwu describes in comment 4.  Murali, firefox doesn't crash for me loading the log ....
This should fix the "Unknown event" garbage in comment 4, I think.
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OS X 10.5 comm-central-trunk leak test build on 2010/04/19 21:09:59
Unknown event type �
objdir/mozilla/dist/bin/leakstats: log file incomplete
program finished with exit code 1
MacOSX 10.5 comm-central bloat on 2010/04/19 22:32:07
Unknown event type p
objdir-tb/mozilla/dist/bin/leakstats: log file incomplete
program finished with exit code 1
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Like so? (landed on m-c)

r=dbaron if you cast to (unsigned int) instead, since that's what %x is.
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Like so? (landed on m-c)

with nit above.
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Anything else to do here?
"Buildbot doesn't handle that failure properly" in comment 2?
Investigate the cause of the "Unknown event type"?
Hard to tell what actually happened for comment 0 at this point, but that part's probably fixed, since there's no buildbot traceback anymore. However, investigating the cause certainly seems like a good idea.

WINNT 5.2 mozilla-central leak test build on 2010/04/28 02:51:21
s: mw32-ix-slave11

Unknown event type 0xffffffed
WINNT 5.2 mozilla-central leak test build on 2010/04/28 04:44:14
s: mw32-ix-slave07

Unknown event type 0xffffffed
WINNT 5.2 mozilla-central leak test build on 2010/05/06 11:36:43
s: mw32-ix-slave02
Priority: P3 → P5
Should this be reclassified under Testing:General to figure out what the "Unknown event type" are?
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As good a place as any.
Component: Release Engineering → General
Priority: P5 → --
Product: mozilla.org → Testing
QA Contact: release → general
Summary: leaktest builds don't handle leakstats failure → leaktest logs include unknown event types
Version: other → Trunk
Duplicate of this bug: 611117
Depends on: 539334
No longer blocks: debug_builds
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