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Firefox could contain a font viewer for standalone .OTF and .TTF files it downloads


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This is a suggestion of a new feature (not a bug report, and thus everyone may relax).

I've recently thought that with all that (re)introduction of @font-face and downloadable font it would be neat if Firefox could view TTF and OTF the same way it now views SVG, i.e. inside the browser window, and reacting to Ctrl+-/Ctrl++ zoom keybindings, but still with ability to hit Ctrl+S to save the file as it is.

The viewer could utilize a predefined pangram (see for details) or use a user-defined one.

I know the suggested feature is probably likely to be implemented as an extension by someone sometime anyway, but I've thought something that relatively simple and that neat is probably worthy to become a part of the official Firefox.

(Hint: to implement my suggestion someone would probably need to tune or work around the access controls since they do not define whether the browser has the "right" to view the standalone font file when there is no "page from the same domain" or "page from a different domain", when there's just that file.)

Good luck.

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