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|make test| hangs on test_auth_manager and test_resource


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|make test| hangs running test_auth_manager, and if you remove that test, it later hangs on test_resource.  Both hangs are due to those tests being asynchronous and hitting exceptions that cause them never to complete.

Mostly the exception is that Resource.lastRequest doesn't have any properties.  That's because revision 1cb3eac16b1e <> from December mostly removed that property.

Revision 671ee7bb183a <> from yesterday finishes removing it but replaces it with Resource.lastChannel, which is an nsIHTTPChannel and so provides the information that the tests want in its responseStatus and responseStatusText properties.

test_resource also throws because its third test still passes an authenticator to the Resource constructor, even though the authenticator parameter was removed from the Resource constructor in revision bfc289861adc <>, so the request doesn't get authenticated and fails.

As an aside, test_resource fails even after those problems are fixed because its fourth test expects the response text for a file that doesn't exist to be "File not found", whereas that's actually the content of the response.  The response text is "Not Found".

Here's a patch that replaces references to |lastRequest| with references to |lastChannel|, sets a Resource's authenticator via its authenticator property when needed, and checks for the appropriate response text when getting a file that doesn't exist.
Fixed by changeset 4ede5a336cea <>.
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