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"%s" should be added in plural-form messages


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(Reporter: linostar, Unassigned)


(Keywords: l12y)

In Arabic locale (I don't know if this applies on other locales too), for some numbers (precisely for n = 0, 1 or 2), the noun that succeeds the number doesn't need any preceding number because the meaning of the number is within the noun it self; i.e. if you're saying 'two-days' (it is one word in Arabic), it makes a bit non-sense to say '2 two-days'. In order to solve that, if we have a plural message (let's say '%s days'), '%s' is removed for entries where n = 0, 1 or 2.

Now the problem is that many plural messages doesn't contain a '%s' within (e.g. 'days=day;days' in toolkit/chrome/mozapps/downloads/, which means that the '%s' is externally added and the localizer can't remove the '%s' for n=0,1,2.

My request is to unify the structure of localized plural messages, and make sure that all of them become as 'days=%s day;%s days' instead of 'days=day;days'.

Note: That bug is *not* related to the plural-form rules, but to the format of plural messages.

Keywords: l12y
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Changing qe-verify? to qe-verify+.

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