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9 years ago
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I need a way to search for 'all bugs of a specified product that were OPEN (ie, were NOT CLOSED) at a particular snapshot of time,' eg. 

Product: Firefox, OPEN on 2008-01-01.

I know how to get this information for TODAY (ie, now()). A simple boolean search like the one below does it:

Product::equals::Fedora & Version::equals::Rawhide & bug_status::notequals::CLOSED

But I want to know the same information for a day other than 'now'. Some how i need to be able to say

product::equals::FireFox & bug_status::notequals::CLOSED 'on' 2008-01-01

I'm trying to avoid having to use SQL to get this information, as i only have access to XML-RPC interface. I believe Boolean Chart queries should have this functionality. The 'changedafter/changedbefore' options don't work for this case.

I would /greatly/ appreciate an answer to this question / feature implemented to make it possible. Without it, it's hard to gather certain metrics about the state of bugzilla's in the past.

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9 years ago
Summary: Boolean Query → Boolean Query: search for sates in a particular snapshot of time


9 years ago
Summary: Boolean Query: search for sates in a particular snapshot of time → Boolean Query: search for states in a particular snapshot of time

Comment 1

9 years ago
Could someone confirm whether this request will be worked on or not? Thanks!

Comment 2

9 years ago
For metric gathering purposes, it would be terribly useful if one could query
bugzilla based on snapshots in time (day granularity) using standard boolean
queries (webui and xmlrpc). For example, i would like to know exactly how many
FutureFeatures there were on 2009-01-01 (23:59), which also meet an arbitrary
number of other query criteria.

Today it is possible to query bugs which 'changed to FutureFeature' on
2009-01-01. But this doesn't account for bugs the way i would like to, as it
only finds the bugs that actually 'changed to', ignore those which were already
FutureFeature. IOW I want to know the total number of FutureFeature bugs on
2009-01-01 (at 23:59), irrespective of there state the day before or the day

Effectively, this would be equivalent of me 'going back in time' and making the
given boolean query request at 23:59 on 2009-01-01.

Comment 3

9 years ago
when i say FutureFeature, i'm using that as an arbitrary Keyword in this instance

Comment 4

9 years ago
Looks like the new chart reporting might help me map the data i want. However, I
would still prefer the flexibility of being able to query the data using
xmlrpc, to map it using my own implemented plot system. Is such a
feature difficult to implement? 

I envision being about to query bugzilla exactly the same way i do today, using
boolean queries, but there being an additional field called 'on_day', which
accepts a past date and returns results as they would have been if the search was made on the date specified in 'on_day' field.

Comment 5

7 years ago
Valid request. See also bug 380878.
Ever confirmed: true
See Also: → bug 380878
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