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Need to release a new rev of the Release Engineering VM Ref Platform on CentOS


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The VM hosted at the URL above is a bit dated.  To get from that VM to building mozilla-central you have to do the following steps:

0.1: (if using VMWare Fusion on Mac) I had to change the network type from "Bridged" to "NAT" and reboot the VM to get it talking to the network.  I think that's a mac-only issue though and not an issue with the VM (might be worth rel-noting because it isn't obvious).
1. Install Mercurial:
2. Install autoconf2.13: (using the wget instructions at the bottom):  Neither autoconf-2.13 nor autoconf213 exist on the ref platform image
3. Create a mozconfig (should we include one for ease of use?)
4. CC and CXX are set to "/tools/gcc-4.1.1" which doesn't seem to work though I'm not entirely sure why.  The /usr/bin/gcc and g++ are also version 4.1.1 so I just reset these env variables to point to those instances.  This is probably something we should iron out.
I'll rev this within the next month.
Assignee: nobody → bhearsum
Priority: -- → P3
Blocks: 479092
No longer blocks: 479092
Going to get this out the door real soon.
Priority: P3 → P2
Depends on: 487026
Alright, we've got a newly cloned scrubbed ref image now. I've made the following changes to it:
* Change cltbld/root passwords
* Remove all ssh keys
* Copy /etc/shadow to /etc/shadow- (the latter looks like it had hashes of the old passwords)
* Remove the ssh host keys (so they get regenerated on the next boot).

Going to convert this to a Workstation/Fusion/Player compatible VM and give it a try now.
I was finally able to give this a run in Fusion, and it seems to work fine. I'll try to get it out the door tomorrow.
Oh, for posterity, here's how I converted it from an ESX VM to a Workstation/Fusion/Player one:
vmkfstools -i ../d-sata-build-003/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-scrubbed/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-scrubbed.vmdk -d 2gbsparse CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-converted/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm.vmdk
vmkfstools -i ../d-sata-build-003/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-scrubbed/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-scrubbed_1.vmdk -d 2gbsparse CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-converted/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm_1.vmdk
cp ../d-sata-build-003/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-scrubbed/*.vmsd CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-converted/
cp ../d-sata-build-003/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-scrubbed/*.vmxf CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-converted/
cp ../d-sata-build-003/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-scrubbed/*.vmx CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-converted/
cp ../d-sata-build-003/CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-scrubbed/*.nvram CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-converted/
* Edited .vmx to point to the correct vmdk files
zip -r9 CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm-converted/
I pushed this onto ftp today: This is done, finally.
Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Release Engineering
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