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Add new keyword for identifying potential student projects


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One of the things we want to be able to do via is connect students and professors/classes to potential Mozilla projects.  At the same time, we want to insure that identifying these projects is as simple as possible for the community, who are already in bugzilla.  To do this I'm suggesting the creation of a new keyword, perhaps "potential-project."

I've written some initial ideas on when and how to use this keyword here:, and would value input.
Care to provide a description to use? See for examples.
How about this:

"Bugs and enhancement requests that would be appropriate for students looking to work on a Mozilla project as part of a course.  These should have someone or a group willing to mentor, offer help, and do reviews.  See"

Note: I'll fix-up that wiki page with specific keyword reference when I know what it is.

Also, Gerv suggests that "potential" in "potential project" is redundant, as all projects are potential.
As per discussion on irc with reed, I suggest we use: student-project
student-project keyword created.
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