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Increase the reftest timeout, at least for tests we know are slow


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<ted> i think we need to declare war on intermittent tests
<Jesse> i think we should increase the reftest timeout
<Jesse> to like 10 minutes
<ted> just because you like to write long-running tests? :)
<Jesse> so we can deal with slow tests out of band, not by having them fail intermittently
<ted> what if we let reftests specify their own timeouts, or something?
<ted> or at least say "i'm a long-running test, give me more time"
<Jesse> i could go for that

Allowing a test to be slow is more efficient than splitting it into multiple smaller tests, each of which has its own overhead.
(Not to mention things like bug 473911 really *can't* be split up!)
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Intermittent orange is not the right way to avoid having tests that are too slow.
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See also bug 471579, which has a patch to make the timeout vary by platform.
From the patch I have in bug 471579, you can adjust the timeout in the command line to  Unless there is a need for this being hardcoded to 10 minutes, we should stick with a flexible solution.
Flexibility is great, but we also need a sane default, especially since Tinderbox uses the default.
how about I adjust my patch in bug 471579:

to change:
gTimeoutValue = 10000; //ms

to be similar to your value:
gTimeoutValue = 10 * 60 * 1000; //10 minutes

We would also have to adjust my code (in the same patch) in where it accepts --timeout and currently has a default of 10000.  

Ted, could you offer some insight here.
Ten minutes seems a bit long; I can't believe two or three minutes wouldn't be more than adequate.
Maybe five minutes would be better; the difference between five and ten could be noticeable in fixing tinderbox bustage.  Other than that, it really shouldn't matter.
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increase reftest timeout from 10 seconds to 10 minutes
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