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Cannot cycle windows while detaching a tab


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If I want to drag a tab from the foreground window to a window completely hidden behind it, I can't. The keyboard bindings that cycle windows stop working in the drag state.

STR (summarized above):
1. open a window & multiple tabs
2. open a second window, resize to smaller than window 1
3. refocus window 1 & position such that window 2 is completely covered
4. detach tab from window 1 & *attempt* to reattach to window 2 using keyboard shortcuts (command+~ or ctrl+tab)
Flags: wanted-firefox3.1?
AFAIK this is an os bug, the way to do this is to drag the tab over the taskbar (os taskbar that is) on top of the window's taskbar button, that brings the window to the foreground and then you can drop it.
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> (command+~ or ctrl+tab)

Was _Alt_+Tab meant for any particular Linux WM? Otherwise this is OS X only, as Alt+Tab works as expected under Windows.
OS: All → Mac OS X
I guess this is OS X only, and probably is an OS bug since it seems I can't cycle windows while in a drag state in any app (Safari, Finder).

That said, Safari and Finder both bring focus to a background window if it is hovered over while the mouse is dragging. Perhaps we should morph this bug into something more along those lines? In that case it would be a parity/os-integration bug.
Flags: wanted-firefox3.5?
Severity: normal → S3
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