Open Bug 481447 (CIDP) Opened 11 years ago Updated 11 years ago

Implement CRL Issuing Distribution Point (CIDP) extension processing


(NSS :: Libraries, enhancement, P2)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: nelson, Assigned: nelson)



Until recently, it was thought that the implementation of CIDP extension
processing in CRLs was prerequisite to fetching CRLs from URLs in CDPs.
But a recent breakthrough was the realization that CIDP extension handling 
is NOT a prerequisite to CRL fetching from UDPs in CDPs.

There were (and still are) big issues attached to CIDP extension processing,
the biggest of which is the need to handle partitioned CRLs in our CRL cache
and also in our PKCS#11 module's CRL storage. Separate RFEs for those issues
must be filed (if they don't already exist) and must be marked as blockers 
of this RFE

This RFE is split off from bug 321755. Many of the patches attached to that 
RFE are actually about CIDP extension implementation.  I wish I could move 
those attachments and their review flags to this bug. :(
Alias: CIDP
Priority: -- → P2
I would move the following attachments to this bug from bug 321755 if I could.

Attachment 326846 [details] [diff] - patch for decoding and displaying CRL IDP, v2

Attachment 327528 [details] [diff] - cleanup crlgen.c before adding new code, v1   

Attachment 335603 [details] [diff] - crlutil patch - CRLIDP generation
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