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Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Danish windows build didn't come up automated


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Windows NT
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As said in bug 475032, the initial automation run for fx3.1 beta 3 lacked a windows build for danish.

We should figure out exactly what happened to not run into that again.

I doubt that all the parallel builds stuff helps if we end up padding around single machine issues manually after the automation.
This one didn't come up because of seemingly random timeout during the running of configure.
"Seemingly random" is frowned upon these days.

out-of-disk might be one possible cause, not sure about others.

Do we know which slave that was, and if it succeeded on other locales before or after?
Yes, indeed. We get these types of hangs occasionally on other types of builds, too. It's a hang, not out of space, it looks like this:
checking for zip... /d/mozilla-build/info-zip/zip
checking for makedepend... no
checking for xargs... /bin/xargs
checking for make... /local/bin/make
checking for X... no
checking that static assertion macros used in autoconf tests work... yes
checking for 64-bit OS... no
checking for mmintrin.h... yes
checking for oleacc.idl... yes
checking for atlbase.h... 
command timed out: 1200 seconds without output
program finished with exit code 1

This slave didn't even attempt any other release builds, probably because it was stuck for 20 minutes.
(In reply to comment #4)
> has the same problem right now.

Looks ok now...Maybe it was just sleepy this morning.
sorry, fluke, I was seeing the log being in atlbase.h, too, but the step finished in about 2 minutes in the end.
I'm not sure there's any reason to keep this bug open. We do see timeouts from time to time...I don't know what the action item here is, though.
I've added [releng-timeout] to the whiteboard so we can search for these kinds of timeout-related bugs in the future to look for patterns, but I'm going to close this one for now.
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Whiteboard: [releng-timeout]
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