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Force logging on in imagelib


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We need to have logging forced on, even in release builds. It's impossible to debug problems users have without it.
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Force logging in build rather than in code

I don't think you even need the ifneq bit.. no reason not to just -DFORCE_PR_LOG unconditionally
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Turns out we need to add the logging bit to just about every Makefile.

Are you sure about -DFORCE_PRLOG everywhere, regardless of whether MOZ_LOGGING is on? Are we going to run into build problems in a build where logging is forced off?
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Force logging everywhere in build

I don't see how it would, but ask ted?
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The only point of MOZ_LOGGING, it would appear, is to control whether various modules define FORCE_PR_LOG. It looks like everywhere else in the tree just does:
#if defined(MOZ_LOGGING)
#define FORCE_PR_LOG

Do you not have a central header you could do this in? If not, maybe instead you could add MOZ_LOGGING=1 here:

and then AC_SUBST(MOZ_LOGGING) down with the other AC_SUBST bits, add it to, and just use it as a makefile var:
Is this still something we want?  I'd kind of like it for bug 666352 (although there, I really only care about having it on during my custom release builds, not official builds).
Yes, we definitely still want this.
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This forces logging on within ImageLogging.h.  This is similar to how nsHttp.h works.
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Patch v1

If'n this passes try, hooray!
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