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"Make sure to whitelist this domain" error message when registering is confusing


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"NOTE: Make sure to whitelist this domain to prevent registration emails being canned by your spam filter!" - should probably be rewritten to be more humane / clear (i.e. what is "whitelist", why would an email be "canned"?)

neilio: do you have any suggestions of how this could be reworded?

Not targeting to SUMO 1.1 until we know what to replace the message with.
I think this basically means "add <this domain> to your address book so that future emails from the site are not marked as spam." We could replace <this domain> with the notifications sender, specifically:
I think the above sender is also used for registrations?
Neilio, David, anything on this?
I'm wondering if this notification is needed at all. Cheng, is this a common problem with our contributors, that notifications are treated as spam?
I've not heard of it except when people complain that they're getting too many notifications (so obviously for some people they're NOT be marked as spam.).  Gmail doesn't mark notifications as spam and I haven't whitelisted.  I think the message can get removed and if we get lots of complaints about missing e-mails, we'll reopen.
I vote for removal as well - people who actually would understand how to whitelist a domain in their email client probably also know to check their spam folder if they don't see an email they're expecting.

Explaining what this means to someone who doesn't understand the concept would be difficult at best, especially considering how different each email client handles this feature.
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