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Create test boxes for AMO editors to log in and test add-ons on different OSes


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One of the challenges for AMO editors in reviewing add-ons is not having the right OS to test an add-on on. For example, 5 of 12 editors recently polled said they had OSX. We'd like to help the remaining 7 as well as all future editors be able to test on various OSes.

Basil had proposed to setup a set of boxes on the LAN, separate from our internal network, that would allow editors to VNC into it to use as a testing machine. The boxes would be:

1 for OS X
1 for Windows 
1 for Linux

We'd like to pursue that idea and are asking IT for help in setting this up.
Seth, can we roll this into a community giving project and use the Xserve that's coming for the seamonkey "flock" ?
I'll need to roll this into a proposal to Shaver so he is aware and we can discuss and approve.  Shouldn't be a big deal but Shaver and I have been trying to follow the process.  Plus, seems like a great idea.
Just got mail confirmation after a quick chat with Mike Shaver.  Let's move forward with this and set up the AMO editors for testing OSX on the new Xserve.  

MRZ:  close this bug, or leave it open to track with the implementation of the Xserve.
Assignee: server-ops → mrz
Whiteboard: on order, ETA 3/19
ETA on this XServe is 3/19 via Fed EX # 110911170297076
Great news!
Is it possible to give add-on authors access to this box as well (if the resources allow of course)? Testing on OS X is a big pain for me every time - at least Linux I can run in a VM.
The immediate target will be the editorial team but this is a very good idea and we'll explore expanding it in the future.
Was too aggressive on my ETA.  That ETA reflected hardware delivery, not when they'd be online (we've been blocked on two 10GE cross-connects).  Let's shoot for this Friday.
Whiteboard: on order, ETA 3/19 → ETA 04/03
No worries MRZ.
Assignee: mrz → phong
Please proceed and bill the $1248.75 to Community Giving.
> 1 for OS X
> 1 for Windows 
> 1 for Linux

Windows XP and Ubuntu work for you?

Do you need anything other than a base install or will you want to customize before making those "reference images"?
WinXP & Ubuntu should be just fine. In terms of a base install, I'd like to have for the time being:

- Current stable version of Firefox (3.0.10)
- Latest beta of Firefox (3.5b4)
- Thunderbird (
- Thunderbird Beta (3.x Beta 2)

How easy will it be to update the images for each beta release?
(In reply to comment #12)
> WinXP & Ubuntu should be just fine. In terms of a base install, I'd like to
> have for the time being:

> How easy will it be to update the images for each beta release?

I was thinking of just making base OS images and cloning those as needed.  Since it's trival to install Firefox or Thunderbird I figured that could be pushed off to the user to install to make sure it's always current.

Would something like that work?
VMs are all ready but Parallels doesn't understand Vlans.  We have a dual-port ethernet card on order so you can login and customize.
Whiteboard: ETA 04/03 → Wating for dual-port ethernet
Ok. Let me know when I can jump in. Thanks.
NIC3 - Core4:1/11
NIC4 - Core5:1/11

dmoore: I will need those enabled and on the proper vlan.
One needs to be on Vlan76, the other can be disabled for now.
That server doesn't see the cards - it shows up as a PCI device but says the drivers aren't loaded.  

Sean, any ideas?
Wrong version of the PCI card?

That's what I ordered, which definitely reads like the right card. Is this OS X Server 10.5? Already checked Software Update?
(In reply to comment #20)
> That's what I ordered, which definitely reads like the right card. Is this OS X
> Server 10.5? Already checked Software Update?

I did and other than the 10.5.7 update there wasn't anything for this (and I assume this would work on 10.5.6 since .7 -just- came out).

There were two types of dual-port cards - can you track down if we got the right one for this server?
Assignee: phong → sean

That's the other card, the only difference I can tell being the text under system requirements: "Requires Intel-based Xserve."

The other card (the one installed) reads: "Requires Xserve (Early 2009)"

Based on the purchase date of the Xserve (March 2009?) in comment #4, I think the card we got is the one we needed. Should I get the other?
Could have been an 2008 model purchased in 2009.  Should track down the model number that the card is for.
You said brand new!

Before we do buy anything else, is a fresh install of OS X Server on this box a possibility? Perhaps it will detect the card during setup and install the requisite drivers.
It was brand new - we just bought it.  But how do I know when the server was built?  

Rebuilding the OS is not a possibility - it would require shutting down 8 Parallels VMs, backing them up and taking a larger outage.
What's the serial number, I'll follow up with Apple.

Very complicated working with Apple.  The MB977 is not the right card.  Even thought they say early 2009 the card you need is the other one the MA471. Although you purchased the Xserve in 2009 Apple is referring to the time that the processor was introduced so actually the XServe you purchased in 2009 is in the Apple world a “mid 2008” model.

We will need to return the old card(do you have all packing materials and accessories ?)

I will order the new card today but it is a special order from Apple with a 10 day lead time.

Sorry for the problems

mrz: Just dropped this off at your desk. Rich says to keep all the packaging so we can do a swap.
Assignee: sean → phong
Assignee: phong → mrz
Parallels virtualization works but is limited in the number of VMs that it can run at the same time.  

I can't fulfill this but with the existing Xserve and Parallels Server for Mac software.  

1. Drop OSX, use Xen/VMWare to make Windows/Linux VMs
2. Buy additional Xserve/Parallels license

Because of the need to repeatedly re-image with a known clean copy, I can't support Minis for this.

Whiteboard: Wating for dual-port ethernet
Component: Server Operations → Server Operations: Projects
Is this what BAMO is turning into?  Or something else?
Completely different.  CCing jorge to see if this is still something that is desired.
I don't think we need this. I'd say we have a healthy distribution between Windows and Mac OS, and we have enough editors who can handle Linux-only reviews (which are very rare anyway).

So, was a server ever set up for this? What happened to it?
There isn't anything setup.  IF you don't think we need this, I'll close it.
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