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javascript:window.close() not closing window


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Windows XP





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In this page
(I dont know if it stores cookies or not and it is nota ccessible to other testeers - in that case visit and sign up to get this page. There is a link to "Close this window" which page source shows javascript:window.close(). Doesnt work as expected. Works in IE7. Same page.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to URL
2. If that doesnt work go to and sign up to be taken to this page
3. Click on close window
Actual Results:  
Window not closing

Expected Results:  
Window/tab to close
AFAICT window.close() can only close if the tab/window has been opened from the site with for security reasons. So INVALID?
It shouldnt matter how the website was coded - IE7 does close the window.
but IE7 does a lot of things that are not standard ;)
And Firefox and all other web browsers are expected to handle non-standard coding - and they do
oh, but even Opera closes the tab. So maybe I'm wrong..
The default settings don't allow it but the user can change the value of the pref dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows to true if he wants.
shouldnt this option be enabled by default? Many sites use javascript window close to close their tabs even when not opened through window open.
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