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Support image-rendering attribute


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Windows Vista
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See also bug 436932

I think this will initially only do things on Windows. Linux has bug 422179 and according to bug 436932 Mac doesn't work.

I'll ask roc or maybe vlad for a sr to cover the SVG bit that actually does the work.
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Did you run the mochitests in layout/style (and did they pass)?
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From a CSS perspective, the code looks fine, although I'm not sure if it's really a good idea to implement this property; is this really something we want authors to control?  I suppose given the 'auto' value it's probably ok.
Something like this would give authors the control they want in bug 423756; but I really don't like "optimizeSpeed" vs. "optimizeQuality" in the spec... they really don't have any kind of meaning that authors can depend on, beyond just hints that can be ignored.
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Adds two missing lines. This version passes all the tests in layout/style.
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image-rendering really needs an additional setting, something like disableResampling that would make it more dependable. Perhaps jwatt can take that up with the SVG wg. At the moment this is as close as we can get to as a cross-browser solution.
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remove repeated redundant line from patch.
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We're free to add a -moz-disable-resampling value. I'd support that.
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updated patch

Looks good.
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Actually it would be awesome if we supported this for <img> too ... and if we supported -moz-disable-resampling.
Yep, I was just thinking the same thing, we should be able to add a -moz value here.  -moz-disable-filtering? or resampling?  Then we can support it on <img>, <canvas> and wherever else we render image-like things.
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I'll meet you halfway. This includes the style changes for -moz-disable-resampling but it still only does SVG images.
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Oh, and it still passes all the layout/style mochitests.
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with -moz-disable-resampling

I'm not sure how -moz-disable-resampling differs from optimizeSpeed, but I'll trust roc and vlad here.

One minor comment is that you might want to leave the "MOZ_" out of the NS_STYLE_IMAGE_RENDERING_MOZ_DISABLE_RESAMPLING constant name.

On a hypothetical heavily GPU-accelerated graphics backend, optimizeSpeed might do something really fancy because it's "free". disable-resampling would still be required to do nearest-neighbour sampling.

This patch should actually pass CAIRO_FILTER_NEAREST for disable-resampling, though.
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addresses review comments and includes part of patch in bug 423756 for increased readability
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For html I can see
other internal nsLayoutUtils functions

I can get the css style in nsImageFrame but I don't have a pattern till nsThebesImage::Draw.
Oops a bit early there.

Anyway, what's the best way to get the filter from the image frame to nsThebesImage?

extra argument? not sure how many callers I'd have to change.
extra methods in nsIRenderingContext and/or nsIImage to store/retrieve the filter state?
some combination of the above?

This is really bug 423756 but there's 43 people would get spammed there.
For <img> (and CSS background images, which we should probably also handle), I think adding a parameter to nsLayoutUtils::Draw* and nsThebesImage::Draw is the best approach.
Also, could you mention this extension to www-svg?
(In reply to comment #20)
> Also, could you mention this extension to www-svg?

I've already done that.
-moz-disable-resampling has become -moz-crisp-edges now that bug 423756 has landed.
... but with the canvas specific property (mozImageSmoothingEnabled), it works well on Linux.
Firstly, you have the wrong bug. This one is for the image-rendering attribute on SVG images, not html images. html is bug 423756. Posting to that bug will spam a lot of people though.

Secondly what Firefox version are you testing on because the earliest this is supported in is Firefox 3.6

Thirdly it does not work on Linux. See bug 423756 comment 44 for why.
Also you are scaling the images smaller so you've hit bug 486918. You need to scale images larger than they are to see an effect.
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