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[zh-TW] Add E.SUN Bank link to zh-TW web parts


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E.SUN Bank from Taiwan has done a big effort to make their website available for Firefox users. This is an important step for Firefox' adoption in the region and consequently, we would like to feature a link to their website for a certain period of time on the zh-TW web parts (whatsnew, firstrun and central pages).

I'll attach the logo shortly, and we will have the text tomorrow.

The important thing is to show the link only to Windows users. We would love to see this live for the 3.0.8 release.

Here are the details for the Getting Started page (central):
* category: Work
* replace LinkedIn (only for Windows users)
* link to:

For the whatsnew and firstrun pages, we can either use the empty space next to the two other sub-feature divs, or put the link below the main-content div. Thoughts? In either case, there will only be text, no logo.
Attached image Logo
We'll need to change the logo's dimensions to 110px wide, 65px high.
I will get a new logo and the text from eSun bank.
for /central/ and to replace LinkedIn:

<a href="">玉山銀行WebATM</a>

(of course please also link the image to the same url above)
for /whatsnew/ 

玉山銀行WebATM領先支援Firefox !
(In reply to comment #4)
> for /whatsnew/ 

please use:

<a href="">玉山銀行WebATM</a>領先支援Firefox !
Bob, Tim, please correct me if I have made any mistakes.
about the text on /whatsnew/, I'll add tags to help you clarify the relation. The 2nd and 3rd line is actually the same sentence, like this:

<h?>用 Firefox 線上繳費</h?>
<p>現在您也能以 Firefox 使用 WebATM,<a href="">玉山銀行WebATM</a>領先支援Firefox !</p>

sure you can decide to use <br/> or not after the comma, or even replace <h?> with <p>.
This is done in r23665 (content change + script logic) ,r23666 (logo) , r23667 (a fix to the javascript)

You can see it on trunk:

Please have a look and report any bug you may find.

Note that we don't have to wait for 3.0.8 to publish these files for 3.0.7.
(In reply to comment #9)
> This is done in r23665 (content change + script logic) ,r23666 (logo) , r23667
> (a fix to the javascript)
> You can see it on trunk:

Pascal, I'm logged in and can't see it on trunk yet. Am I doing something wrong?
> Pascal, I'm logged in and can't see it on trunk yet. Am I doing something

Are you using Windows ?
I can see them with my LADP account.

They are fine except for one small cosmetic issue: Latin words in-line with Chinese words should be separated by space.

If it's inconvenient to commit changes again it's still ok to go with this one.
Tahnks Tim, I have added spaces.
Pascal, Tim, thank you. 

Please let me contact eSun Bank and find out if we can push immediately or if they would prefer to launch with 3.0.8.  I will update this bug with the news.
I have received confirmation from E.Sun Bank that they wish to have the new pages pushed to production asap.  

Their promotional efforts will line up with the launch of 3.0.8, but they wish to have the pages live before that.

Thank you in advance everyone.
Thanks Pascal, these look great. 

I just wonder if we could remove the | display: block | property form the link on whatsnew and firstrun, so that it looks like this:

instead of this:

Stas, I prefer not to put specific styles just for one locale because we share those with en-US and so far whatsnew/firstrun pages have no specific styling for locales so any locale-specific css change will have to be rechecked when we update our styles for 3.5.

This is pushed to production, should be live within an hour, marking fixed. Those 3.0.7 pages will be automatically copied to the 3.0.8 folder when we ship. If you want these paragraphs to be removed in the future, please file a bug. Thanks
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Pascal: what if we just use <a href="..." style="dispay: inline;">...</a> ? And then remove this together with the paragraph?

I'll be happy to do the testing on 3.5 pages for this one, too.
(please re-open the bug)

A bug on production server: I got a 404 for , which results a broken image in /central/ .
Confirming comment 20, the file is missing here: It seems that it didn't got copied to production in r23691.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
The image is now on production, thanks for noticing.
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