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Work around the fact that tinderbox calls `make package` without using pymake


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When my mozconfig specifies using pymake, the tinderbox still calls `make package` directly. This works on linux/mac, but the Windows-style paths means you can't mix gmake and pymake there.

This hack takes the toplevel makefile and forwards all calls to pymake through a make-anything pattern rule and an ifdef.
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Toplevel makefile pymake forwarding, rev. 1

This is pretty icky. Didn't we talk about forwarding calls through instead?
Yes, but that involves changing the build automation, which seems like a long-term project at least.
I don't know, should only be a few lines of patch. (Although you'd have to land the build patch on 1.9.1 as well before landing that.)
Changes to build automation are pretty minor, and can be landed as soon as the changes to exist on all branches.
Other than 'package', are there other targets that need to be added to

A quick scan of our automation code turns up:
upload (already done)
The tricky part, if it can be called that, is that the buildbot currently calls these targets in only one side of the UB builds. Perhaps if there are multiple MOZ_BUILD_PROJECTS we should forward to the first one?
We could also have some short-circuiting ifdef UNIVERSAL_BUILD based on target arch or something.
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The MOZMAKE bit is slightly convoluted because:

* MAKE set in the environment overrides make implicit values of $(MAKE)
* AC_PATH_PROGS misinterprets multi-item values of MAKE such as "python -O"
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Added check::
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Going through buildbot stuff I found more entry points, and so I created some variables which make it easy to add entry points and keep everything in sync.
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This is the changes necessary for buildbot-configs to support forwarding. I'm not going to bother requesting review until the bits are landed on trunk and 1.9.1
Patch against buildbotcustom. The major change here is that the various unit-test steps have a different workdir (the source directory, not the objdir).

It's possible, even likely, that some variant of this patch will need to land in comm-central as well.
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Forward targets from to the build system, rev. 2


Please add xpcshell-tests to this list.


As I said on IRC, I'm not sure how this will work for something like Fennec or FF+XR, but I guess we can cross that bridge when we come to it.
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Do we need the same thing for the l10n make targets?
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Mass close of pymake-related bugs.
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