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Implement frontend: "Adaptive content filter" of third party tracking


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In IE8 there is a "safety" menu item called "InPrivate filtering", from the help file:
"InPrivate Filtering works by analyzing web content on the webpages you visit, and if it sees the same content being used on a number of websites, it will give you the option to allow or block that content. You can also choose to have InPrivate Filtering automatically block any content provider or third-party website it detects."

The auto-detect option in IE8 ranges from 3 to 30 sites you visit having the same 3rd party content (usually tracking scripts/webbugs) with the default set to 10. It works regardless of whether the "InPrivate Browsing" mode is on, despite being confusingly similarly named.

The one thing IE8's implementation gets wrong that Firefox could outdo them on, is when "automatically block" is chosen instead of "Choose content to block or allow", on every restart IE8 TURNS OFF InPrivate Filtering, defeating the whole purpose of it. Some kind of concession to advertisers I guess.

Sorry if this is a dupe, a search didn't reveal anything filed.
Whiteboard: Parity: IE8
Keywords: uiwanted
Summary: Implement "Adaptive content filter" of third party tracking → Implement frontend: "Adaptive content filter" of third party tracking
Blocks: useragent
Depends on: BlockFlash
Ever confirmed: true
Closest workaround is to install "RequestPolicy" extension:
Depends on: CSP
Wouldn't this break things like hosted JQuery? (
(In reply to comment #4)
> Wouldn't this break things like hosted JQuery?
> (

The "Settings" button would of course include exceptions that would be populated from the user's decision in the doorhanger notification when triggered by the chosen number of sites accessing the same third party content (which would appear only with this turned on, and the default would be for this to be off)

As long as the information was explicit in the notification what the user will block by choice, the ability for the user to be in control of that choice is the key here. The permanent nature of that particular collection of js libraries would be a good candidate for inclusion as an exception by default.
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