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graph server doesn't correctly add 'VALUES' sets of a single data point.


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I set up a Talos test with only a single run that reports the results in a VALUES formatted data file.  The information does not appear to be correctly added and cannot be viewed on the graph server.  I would assume that that has to do with attempting to construct an 'avg' result based upon a single value data set.
Lars, got time to look at this?
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I will not be back from pycon until Tuesday - perhaps longer if my train cannot get through the floods in North Dakota.  I will attempt to look at it while here in Chicago, but I'm juggling a bunch of stuff.
Alice: would you please give me an input example that results in the problem?
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Target Milestone: 1.0 → ---
here's the problem: the requirements say that when calculating the average, the highest value in the collection is to be discarded.  If there is only one value, it, of course, is the highest and is therefore discarded.  Do we need an exception to that rule or is the discarding the maximum value rule itself to be discarded?
I would be tempted to get rid of the whole 'remove the max' rule, as it doesn't make sense for a lot of tests - but it would also change the standard values reported for a lot of our infrastructure so shouldn't be taken lightly.

For now, we should handle this like an edge case and have data sets of size 1 just have an average value be whatever the only value in the set is.
Blocks: Tshutdown
It turns out that the original code had an exception for the 'remove the max' rule when there was only one item in the list.  That code was commented out.  I restored to the original state where the max is not removed if there is only one item in the list.  This has been checked in.  While the code passes my tests, it should be checked in the real environment before this bug is closed...
thanks Lars!

Alice, is there a way to test this on graphs-stage2?
I have tests reporting to staging that result in data files of this format - should be able to tell immediately if things are working correctly or not.
I'm seeing the numbers being correctly added to the graph server.  We should get this pushed to production for when my test goes live.
(In reply to comment #10)
> I'm seeing the numbers being correctly added to the graph server.  We should
> get this pushed to production for when my test goes live.

Ok, I'll file a bug for graphs-new to be updated.
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