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Tryserver should run leak tests


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I just got bit by failing leak tests on mozilla-central, it would be good if tryserver ran leak tests.
I agree; there are a number of features and tests that would be good to get into Try, and leak tests would be among those.

We should get this functionality when we unify our try code with the rest of configs (bug 486567, which is targeted for this quarter), after which it will be more a matter of logistics (build machines, disk space, etc.)  Marking the dependency and futuring.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Future
Depends on: 486567
Duplicate of this bug: 511278
We just got bit by this again:

Bug 486567 has been fixed so it would be good if this was higher priority then "Future"
(In reply to comment #3)
> We just got bit by this again:
> Bug 486567 has been fixed so it would be good if this was higher priority then
> "Future"

Jeff: sorry, when bug#486567 was fixed, some related bugs were spun off, yet not marked as dependencies here. See bug#486567c17 for details. I've added them as blockers to this bug to help track.

The basic problem here is bringing TryServer code back in sync with what we run on the production masters. Once thats done, the new goodness in production masters should happen on TryServer: separate build from unittests, run unittests suites concurrently, be able to run unittest suites individually, run unittests on debug/release builds, etc, etc. And yes, leak tests too!
Depends on: 493227, 493228
No longer depends on: 493227
Assignee: nobody → lsblakk
This bug is still Future, and the last estimate was for Q2, so I'm not sure what to expect in terms of timing.  (It sounds like the need is to make the try servers run the same code as the production servers, but that _also_ sounds like exactly like the summary of bug 486567, and is confirmed by my reading of comment 17.  Or are the leak tests related to packaged builds?)
Depends on: 520227
The leak tests are not related to packaged bugs afaik, but this bug is now dependent on making tryserver to be another branch in which is the 'new' way of doing things.  When that is turned on leak tests and packaged builds will all be included from the get go.  In terms of timing, this is a Q4 goal for me and I'm hoping to meet it.
Mass move of bugs from Release Engineering:Future -> Release Engineering. See for more details.
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Try-as-branch is now live and does leak tests on builds. Closing.
Closed: 12 years ago
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