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View Gallery doesn't work on Thunderbird


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The View Gallery menuitem doesn't do anything on Thunderbird.  It should open up the gallery in a new Thunderbird tab.
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screenshot showing problem

This screenshot was for a different bug.
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Now that we've fixed the content policy in TB, yaoquan was talking to me about this on irc yesterday about possible solutions. 

I think the way both Firefox (controlling opening in new tab/window) and Thunderbrowse (extension within TB), is to override the onclick handler of the browser (or iframe) element. Thunderbrowse does this by overriding the contentAreaClick function.

It would seem that we could do something very similar here. specialTabs.js would be a good starting point:

This is a content tab (as I think yaoquan has already found), and we'd just need to extent it to handle "onclick". For a proof of concept version, the onclick function could just redirect any clicks to loadURI on the browser/iframe element.

If you don't want to try hacking core, then just create a new version of contentTabType within personas for now - just register and open the tab as seen in specialTabs.js.

I'm quite happy for something to be integrated into core Thunderbird if it makes sense. Trying out the idea first would be useful though.
I just checked in a partial fix in changeset  It causes the gallery to open in a new tab.  However, clicking on links in the gallery doesn't load the links in the tab.  We'd need to do something like what Mark suggests in comment 2 to fix that.  Leaving this bug open pending that part of the fix.
This bug probably now really depends on bug 516776.
Depends on: 516776
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If the currently proposed patches on bug 516776 go through, then this is the patch for getting the personas extension to work in Thunderbird 3.

It basically adds an onclick handler which allows anything within the personas site to be loaded within the content tab in Thunderbird, but anything outside the personas base site will be redirected to the browser. Search functionality works, and I believe the login functionality will work.

There will be links to try builds posted on bug 516776 once they are complete and there is a test extension with this patch included on the attachments on that bug.
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This should fix the content tabs and work with the patch that's just gone in for Thunderbird.

Most of the changes in that diff are whitespace - my emacs automatically trims trailing whitespace in files.

I've also updated the min version for Thunderbird (though you may want to update the max as well). The content tab api should work with b4 (although you won't be able to browse), and once the next nightly is picked up browsing should be enabled.
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> This should fix the content tabs and work with the patch that's just gone in
> for Thunderbird.

This looks good. I've applied the changes by hand in changeset

Normally I'd take the whole change, including the whitespace fixes, which are very welcome, but in this case one of the whitespace fixes is in a portion of code that is being changed in another patch for a 1.4 blocker, and I want to minimize conflicts.

I imported the change to the 1.4 branch in changeset so it makes it into the upcoming 1.4 release.

> I've also updated the min version for Thunderbird (though you may want to
> update the max as well).

Yup, I updated the max version to 3.0.* a couple days ago.

Thanks for the fix!
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