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Allow possibility for alternate shutdown methods, e.g. clean quit of application


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When a test finished, the MozMill CLI class just calls to the runner and tells it to stop, killing the application.

This isn't very useful when we want to run leak tests alongside UI testing - e.g. if I run this set of tests, does it leak?

Given we haven't really got a generic shutdown method, I'm proposing that we provide a new function 'stop_runner' in the MozMill class, and have the CLI class call to that.

We can then sub-class MozMill and override that function to provide more complex shutdown functions.

Proposed fix attached, I've tested this locally on my Thunderbird tests and it seems to be working fine.
Blocks: 458352
This is P1 for Thunderbird - we really need it for running mozmill in bloat tests which is one of our main priorities at the moment (so we can start expanding them).

Also, we're likely to spin our own test controllers (depending on if the restart test structure does what we need), and if we do we want to be able to cleanly shutdown so that we can do further leak tests on specific test runs.

The good news is that I've already proposed a patch for this...
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [mozmill-1.2]
We had already added some code to the mozmill restart tests to shut down cleanly using the quit menu.

I've generalized that code a bit better and now when running tests we default to "cleanQuit".

Fixed in r439
Closed: 14 years ago
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