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nsTArray.IndexOf may scan beyond array bounds for non-zero start argument


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The iterator and end-iterator are initialized like so:
const elem_type* iter = Elements() + start, *end = iter + Length();

Since the 'end' iterator is using Length(), it probably wants to be using Elements() too:
const elem_type* iter = Elements() + start, *end = Elements() + Length();

Ideally the fix could hit 1.9.1 as this causes Thunderbird to crash like described in (core/xpcom) bug 455216.  We can work around the issue, but it would be nice not to have to.

unit test as next patch
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Here is a unit test.  Obviously, a unit test that depends on data existing beyond the official bounds of the array is implementation-dependent.
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are there any security concerns w/ this bug?
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These landed in mozilla-central on friday, but I forgot to hit submit:

fix pushed:
unit test pushed:

It does not appear that I have the privileges required to request approval1.9.1.  davida/dmose/bienvenu, maybe you can do that?

(In reply to comment #2)
> are there any security concerns w/ this bug?

I doubt there are exploitable security impacts from this bug; I would expect mainly potential crashers and memory corruption in cases where the indexOf is speculative.

However, it's a ridiculously safe fix for an arguably serious correctness issue, which is why it should be allowed in 1.9.1.
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Er, and fixed on trunk.
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base 'end' off of Elements rather than iter.

requesting approval for 1.9.1
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base 'end' off of Elements rather than iter.

Please land this with the unit test.
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