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Update shipped-locales and l10n-changesets for Firefox 3.5 Beta 4


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Firefox 3.5b4


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(Keywords: fixed1.9.1, verified1.9.1, Whiteboard: [build requirement, tbd last minute-ish])


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We need to update shipped-locales and l10n-changesets prior to Firefox 3.5 Beta 4.

I'll come up with patches to land mostly land-thing in Beta 4.
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 3.5b4
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Whiteboard: [build requirement, tbd last minute-ish]
Attached file l10n-changesets, wed night (obsolete) —
I don't think we need to finalize l10n-changesets and shipped-locales just yet, looking at the rest of the tree, but I'll add the current state here just in case as my day is coming to an end.
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l10n-changesets, wed night

New changesets are coming up later to include the bustage fixes for the privacy pane and clear history dialog.
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Attached file l10n-changesets, thu night (obsolete) —
No changes to shipped-locales, gladly, this is the current status quo of l10n-changesets for tonight.
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l10n-changesets, thu night

New list coming up, at least 'it' needs to rev.
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state of the onion, l10n-changesets on fri night

Newer revision coming.
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Attached file ... tuesday, l10n-changesets (obsolete) —
... coming.
shipped-locales is stable now, we should land that on 1.9.1 already.
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the diff for shipped-locales [checked in]

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the diff for shipped-locales [checked in]

shipped-locales landed,
Attachment #373880 - Attachment description: the diff for shipped-locales → the diff for shipped-locales [checked in]
... and yes, I'm working on making l10n-changesets something that build can just pull instead of entertaining folks with a daily attachment.
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Has this hit 1.9.1 yet?
shipped-locales lives in the mozilla-1.9.1 repo, and has landed. l10n-changesets lives in the build/buildbot-configs repo, and hasn't landed yet AFAICT.

I'm hoping that the release engineer in charge can pick up the l10n-changesets we have just before the builds get kicked off and land that.
Can you email release-drivers with the info from comment 15? I've also cc'd Nick and Ben directly as it would affect them.
I would very much prefer that l10n-drivers explicitly bless the final l10n-changesets, rather than have RelEng assume the latest copy on the bug is up to date. The automation doesn't make it easy to one-off build any locale that turns out to be the wrong changeset.
Any version that I attached to this bug was, at the time, the best fit and good for release.

I'm not freezing on an l10n-changesets, as that would limit our ability to take improvements for locales to B4 without any pressing need to do so. Our code-side is just not stable enough for me to sign off on that at some point in time. I update to the best of my knowledge at the time, and as long as there is a non-obsolete attachment in the bug, that's what should get used.

Bottom line, as soon as the code is ready to go, please take the status quo in this bug and land it to be included in the release.
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[checked in] rev romanian still

committed changeset 1108:e0fc9f64a4ce
Resolved fixed or no?
Thomas, please don't mess with CC lists.
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