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stop exporting mktemp and dbopen (again)


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Windows XP


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From the beginning of nss3.dll on windows, until we moved the dbm code
into a separate shared library in NSS 3.4 (I think), nss3.dll exported
the functions dbopen and mktemp (the latter being a libc function).
When we moved that function to libsoftoken, we discovered that lots of 
programs depended on that function coming from nss3.dll, and we found 
it necessary to continue to provide the mktemp entry point in nss3.dll
for backwards binary compatibility.

But we never did anything to prevent those symbols from being exported 
from softokn3.dll, so they were exported from it.  And later when we 
moved dbm again into nssdbm3.dll, those symbols also became exported 
from that DLL.  

So, I want us to Finally stop exporting those symbols from DLLs from which
we do not intend to support them.  The attached patch does that.  
I've verified that these libraries now build without exporting those symbols.  
This has no effect on libnss3, which continues to export the symbol mktemp, 
but forwards it on to the mktemp in msvcrt, not the one in dbm.

Wan-Teh, since you've been involved in this issue for a long time, I'm 
asking you to please review this small patch.
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Duplicate of this bug: 450167
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patch v1, don't export dbopen, and don't even build mktemp


You should just delete mktemp for all platforms.  This
LXR query shows that mktemp is not being used:
mktemp is a Unix/POSIX function as opposed to a libc function,
so the ifdef would need to be more than WINCE.

dbm is in the FIPS boundary.  Isn't it already frozen
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Thanks, Wan-Teh.
I know that mktemp is present on all platforms that offer a full libc.
But I know that WinCE does not offer a full libc, and I just don't know
if it offers mktemp or not.

However, the file mktemp.c also contains come other related functions, 
such as mkstemp, which are used in dbm.  So the file itself can't be 

Yes, this file is among the frozen.  This patch is now the first in the queue
waiting for the day whe softoken sources thaw.
Whiteboard: Awaiting Softoken's Thaw
I mean deleting the mktemp() function, not the mktemp.c file.
The mktemp() function is dead code and should be removed for
all platforms.
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: Awaiting Softoken's Thaw → FIPS [Awaiting Softoken's Thaw]
Target Milestone: 3.12.5 → 3.12.4
Checking in include/mcom_db.h; new revision: 3.44; previous revision: 3.43
Checking in src/db.c;          new revision: 3.6;  previous revision: 3.5
Checking in src/mktemp.c;      new revision: 3.9;  previous revision: 3.8
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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