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--browser-chrome Mochitests on Fennec [downloads]


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Testdev item to automate tests for Fennec to test download manager.  Here is an initial set of tests that we should automate:

* Verify panning in list of downloaded items
* Verify large amount of items in download list
* Verify searching (including softkeyboard)
* Verify clearlist button works as expected
Blocks: 553474
Not sure the best approach for automating this as we would need to have test files available, but I suspect we can get reasonable coverage here.

Here are some more test cases:

* download 20 different files, verify the names, dates, filesizes, domains.  Finally verify you can pan up and down in the list.  No horizontal panning and double click doesn't zoom
* after a download, verify buttons available: "go to page", "open", "remove".  Verify each of these buttons
* start a download and pause it (could be hard with timing).  Verify resume and cancel buttons.
* resume a canceled download, verify it resumes
* cancel a canceled download, verify it turns to a "retry", "remove" option and has a "failed" status when not in current context
* with a full list of downloaded files, verify preferences "clear" button removes files from the list
* verify auto renaming of files.  Download the same file 10 times and verify each subsequent download increments the number, file(2).zip, file(3).zip.

In the original comment, there is talk of clearlist and searching.  These are not in the current download manager.  In general, these tests are not verifying:
 - download notifications (in progress, finished)
 - file type associations (installing applications, binding to known apps like phone, pdf, document viewer)
 - testing different file sizes and issues where the device runs out of memory while downloading

These outlined tests need more specifics and details, but will provide good general direction unlike the original comment.
Depends on: 586035
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