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Setting direction to rtl doesn't enable Bidi processing


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This is a regression from bug 441367 caused by the change to "direction" in nsRuleNode::ComputeVisibilityData, specifically removing:

-    if (NS_STYLE_DIRECTION_RTL == visibility->mDirection)
-      mPresContext->SetBidiEnabled();

Adding a similar line in nsCSSFrameConstructor presumably prevented this causing a regression in static pages, but it doesn't help when changing direction dynamically.
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Putting back that line fixes the testcase -- not yet tested otherwise.
Can we move it from nsCSSFrameConstructor to nsFrame::DidSetStyleContext instead?  For the dynamic change case I'm not sure if we're guaranteed to get the visibility struct and trigger this code.
Doing it that way fixes the regression and doesn't appear to cause any new regressions in reftests or layout mochitests.

Since the code I'm moving references bug 115921, I added a couple of reftests for that as well as the testcase here.
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Move it to DidSetStyleContext


It's probably better if the tests that show "No new line at end of file" in the diff have a newline at the end of the file.
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Given that I marked this blocking, could you land it on branch too?
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