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Add start of no-native-theme theme


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This patch adds a "faststripe" theme that can be enabled via --enable-faststripe.  It's built on top of winstripe, but gets rid of all native theme and all ugly moz-border-color and other pieces.  It's still rough, but can be useful for places where we don't have or don't want to use native theme.
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> It's built on top of winstripe, but gets rid of all native theme
Then why do you have so many -moz-appearance rules?
Because it's a work-in-progress, and things are being removed as I run into them.
Can I ask what the point of this is?  "Add start of no-native-theme theme" isn't a very useful summary.
It's a theme that doesn't rely on -moz-appearance or, ideally, any -moz-* attributes that will ask the system to render anything.  The target is for platforms where there either is no good native theme API, where it's too slow to use, or where the native theme i just too ugly to even bother trying to use.
Note, there are many of such themes on AMO.
Particular examples are LittleFox, Nautipolis, W3v8, Walnut, Walnut2, etc...
I always didn't like -moz-appearance, and always wanted to have themes that look the same on ALL platforms...
Why did you add an actual configure option for this? Seems like the kind of thing you'd just want to toggle per-app or per-platform or something.

Also, not to be a pedant, but did you really check this in with r=yourself?
It's not necessarily per app/per platform, since you might not want native theme on some platforms that could do it, etc.  Ideally we could have it be some more elaborate mechanism (runtime perhaps?), but that wasn't necessary for solving the actual problem.  And yeah; there was some time pressure, and given that any of the interesting bits weren't going to be part of any current build, I just dumped it in.
I'm just currently trying to fight our accumulation of configure options, most of which are useless for 99% of people, is all. (bug 513924)
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