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Drop the redundant /resources/ in mailnews directories


(MailNews Core :: Build Config, defect)

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Thunderbird 3.0b4


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Attached patch s!/resources/content/!/content/! (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Even though it's cute that my fingers can now type "mailnews/base/prefs/resources/content/accountcreation/" without my needing to think about any part of it, that "resources/" is just pointless. We have exactly one directory named resources that has anything in it other than a single directory named content, and that's just because mime has an abandoned and forgotten pair of .properties files that got copied to locales instead of moved.

A bit harsh on patches, but after bug 390262, everybody's all practiced at tracking down where their files went.
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I'm wondering if there's a least bad time to land this, e.g., right around a code freeze. It has minimal risk for run-time, right?
Yep, failing to find a file to jar is a build error (as I discovered when I forgot that mail/ still jars smime from mailnews), so your run-time risks are that I got confused and hit ctrl+k instead of backspacing through resources/ in a line, so we wouldn't be jarring something, or that I screwed up the destination in one of the changes, or that we have something that fails silently for not found and which isn't indexed by MXR and that I failed when I was grepping to back up MXR's opinions.

Or, I guess, that I failed to successfully imagine the reason why we still have those non-localized unjarred copies of localized .properties files, or that :)
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Sort of regretting the time I spent writing a script to recreate this patch, since (so far) I've only had to unrot it once.
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