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HTML mochitests should use packed.js instead of MochiKit.js


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Right now the XHTML and XUL mochitest templates use packed.js, but the HTML mochitest template uses MochiKit.js.  Using packed.js makes tests load significantly faster.

To see how much faster, I did an experiment using the tests in content/canvas/test/.  I did six runs of these tests, alternating between MochiKit.js and packed.js, and got the results with "time
python ./ --test-path=content/canvas --autorun --close-when-done
>/dev/null 2>&1"

MochiKit.js: real 1m48.544s user 1m43.414s sys 0m2.136s
packed.js:   real 1m25.806s user 1m21.997s sys 0m1.680s
MochiKit.js: real 1m48.079s user 1m44.155s sys 0m2.304s
packed.js:   real 1m26.459s user 1m21.981s sys 0m1.892s
MochiKit.js: real 1m48.247s user 1m44.299s sys 0m2.148s
packed.js:   real 1m27.568s user 1m22.401s sys 0m2.044s

We should switch the template to use packed.js and switch all the tests as well.
Here's a patch to change the template.

Along with the review for this, I'd like you to give blanket review to change the tests as well.  (If 'perl -pi' behaves how I'd like through symbolic links, it should be trivial to generate a tree-wide patch; if not I'll have to resort to other tricks.)
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The following was useful (in objdir/_tests/testing/mochitest/tests):

find . -name "*.html" -printf "%l\n" | xargs -l50 perl -pi -e 's/MochiKit\/MochiKit.js/MochiKit\/packed.js/'

I had to remove the changes from the command in comment 2 for three files:

content/html/content/test/test_bug430351.html , which fails with them; I have no idea why

dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/mochikit/tests/MochiKit-MochiKit.html and dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/mochikit/tests/index.html , which wouldn't have been touched by a slightly narrower regex -- they're using ../MochiKit/ rather than /MochiKit/.

I should do another pass in a few weeks to pick up tests straggling in.
It actually doesn't seem to have helped very much.
Probably best to leave a few tests using MochiKit.js for the testing diversity, so actually just marking fixed.
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