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[FIX]Nix nsWebShell


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We should just merge this into nsDocShell.
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I got a bit carried away with some of the comment/renaming changes...

If you don't object, as a followup I'd like to move all files in webshell/public into docshell/base and get rid of "webshell" from REQUIRES everywhere.
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Like so

Don't worry about REQUIRES: once bug 488175 lands REQUIRES will be obsolete anyway.
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There's no documentation about this change anywhere that I could find.  I had to compare the Firefox 3.5 and 3.6 code to figure out this is the reason why one of my add-ons isn't working in Firefox 3.6.  

At least the following pages need changing:
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Whoo -- that's a huge patch to look through. What's the scoop here? Merging interfaces together? Faster to ask for more details than to pore over all that myself. :)
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The only change visible outside the docshell implementation is that the ";1" contract no longer exists and has been replaced by the ";1" contract.  Since using this contract without creating security holes is more or less rocket science, I'm a little saddened that someone noticed.  :(

Similarly, the webshell CID is gone and one should use a different CID now to get a docshell.
In particular, all the interface changes happened long before this; this was just cleanup of the implementation.
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