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Remove support for VMS (a.k.a., OpenVMS) from NSS


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Doing so will slightly decrease our maintenance burden in the long run.
This patch includes a modification to one file in freebl. 
That change will obviously need to wait until freebl is open.
Assignee: nobody → nelson
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Patch v1 for NSS Trunk

It occurs to me that we now must consider mozilla/dbm to be frozen, as well as freebl and softoken.
So there are two files modified by this patch whose modifications must wait until the FIPS part of the tree is open (on a branch).
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There shouldn't be any more issue with mozilla/dbm than with mozilla/security/util or mozilla/security/sqlite

dbm itself never gets access to unencrypted keys.

Isn't the dbm code part of the legacy DB shared library, which we just moved 
inside the FIPS boundary?
No more than mozilla/security/sqlite is part of the boundary before.... oh wait. It's a static library... grumble... yes you are right. The library itself wouldn't have to be, but it's a static library, bound directly to the nssdbm3 shared library (yet another reason I was trying to ditch it).

In short: the code itself wouldn't be, but because it is included in the .so itself that makes it part of the boundry.

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Patch v1 for NSS Trunk

r+ I only saw one change to freebl/softoken/libdbm. Those are all separable. If you want them in nominate for FIPS.

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I'm committing this is pieces.  First: coreconf.

Removing;       new revision: delete; previous revision: 1.9
Removing; new revision: delete; previous revision: 1.2
Checking in;      new revision: 1.37;   previous revision: 1.36
Checking in;      new revision: 1.5;    previous revision: 1.4
Checking in;       new revision: 1.23;   previous revision: 1.22
Checking in;     new revision: 1.28;   previous revision: 1.27
Checking in;      new revision: 1.79;   previous revision: 1.78
Next: cmd/zlib

Checking in cmd/zlib/README;     new revision: 1.6; previous revision: 1.5
Checking in cmd/zlib/example.c;  new revision: 1.6; previous revision: 1.5
Checking in cmd/zlib/minigzip.c; new revision: 1.6; previous revision: 1.5
Checking in cmd/zlib/zconf.h;    new revision: 1.7; previous revision: 1.6
Checking in cmd/zlib/zutil.h;    new revision: 1.8; previous revision: 1.7
The rest of cmd

Checking in certutil/keystuff.c; new revision: 1.21; previous revision: 1.20
Checking in lib/secpwd.c;        new revision: 1.16; previous revision: 1.15
Checking in lib/secutil.c;       new revision: 1.98; previous revision: 1.97
Checking in shlibsign/;   new revision: 1.18; previous revision: 1.17

Checking in lib/ssl/sslmutex.c; new revision: 1.24; previous revision: 1.23
Checking in lib/ssl/sslmutex.h; new revision: 1.12; previous revision: 1.11
Checking in lib/ssl/sslsnce.c;  new revision: 1.50; previous revision: 1.49

This leaves only two files from the original patch that are not yet 
committed, which are:

- mozilla/dbm/src/hash.c
- mozilla/security/nss/lib/freebl/unix_rand.c

Bob, you've already given this patch r+.  If you agree, I will commit the
changes to the above two files during this window of opportunity.
Whiteboard: FIPS SUN_WANTS
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: --- → 3.12.4
re comment 10

you can check those changes in.

dbm/src/hash.c;                      new revision: 3.26; previous revision: 3.25
security/nss/lib/freebl/unix_rand.c; new revision: 1.38; previous revision: 1.37
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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