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Move Core:Cmd-line features to Core Graveyard


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(Reporter: benjamin, Assigned: timeless)


The Core:Cmd-line features component needs to go. I'm going to go through the existing open bugs and move them to the correct location. Then we need to make sure no new bugs end up there... I'm not sure whether that means moving it to Core Graveyard or setting some flag.
Cleaning out of open bugs is complete.
Can't close a component... can either delete it (_ALL_ bugs have to be out of it) or move it to Core Graveyard, which is a closed product.
Component: 	Cmd-line Features
Component Description: 	For problems with command line parameter handling.

Examples: mozilla -console doesn't work. mozilla -ProfileManager doesn't work. mozilla -turbo doesn't work.
Default assignee:
Default QA contact: 	cmd-line@core.bugs
Component of Product: 	Core
Product Description: 	Core components including the Gecko layout engine, the networking library, and most shared application backend code.
Product Milestone URL:
Closed for bugs: 	No
Bugs: 	None

Component Moved to Core Graveyard
Assignee: marcia → timeless
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: Vacate and disable Core:Cmd-line features → Move Core:Cmd-line features to Core Graveyard
Doesn't moving components between products require scripts and direct write access to the SQL server? How did you do that?

Component: Bugzilla: Keywords & Components → Administration
Product: →
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