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provide RSS feed of latest crashes


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I'd like to have an RSS feed of "latest crashes" or something like that, so I could look at some subset of crashes to get a list of modules for bug 419882. Ideally I'd be able to get a feed of just Windows crashes, but it wouldn't be a big deal to filter them by OS client-side. Also, if the feed could provide a direct link to the JSON that would be pretty helpful.
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Attaching the output of going to

The url for recent crashes by product would be 
/feed/reports_by_product/{product}/{version} - Across OS
/feed/reports_by_product/{product}/{version}/{platform} - OS specific

platform - [null|ALL|windows|mac|linux|solaris]
This looks great, thanks! My only caveat would be that I don't actually care about product, I'd be happy to just get reports across all products and versions, filtered down by OS. My ultimate goal here is just to get a good sampling of crashes on Windows and look at the module lists. Actually, come to think of it, having the product version in there might be a pain, since I'm going to have this script on a cron job, and I don't want to have to update the version to the latest whenever we release a security fix.

Could you provide at least one of the following:
/feed/reports_by_product/{product}/{platform} - reports for {product} on {platform} across all versions
/feed/reports/{platform} - reports for all products on {platform}

The latter would be my preference.

The feed content itself looks useful, although my application isn't going to look at the <summary>, so if you wanted to trim that down it wouldn't matter to me. FeedParser handles it just fine and I can grab the link to the JSON quite easily.
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> Attaching the output of going to 

I just noticed that the link URLs in here all point to Presumably that will be fine for production, but it makes it a bit hard to test this staging copy.
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This is on stage now

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