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Idea for a better history/options instead of the current window versions


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I find myself looking at my history often, and i think its UI could be improved.  Infact, i don't like it because it doesn't feel 'mozillafied'

For example, what if history opened up in a tab?  I know this might seem different, but here is my reasoning:

1) you have a larger area, then you can possible use the field a little better than trying to cramp history, bookmarks, tags, etc. into a small box, which ends up the same size as the browser window.

2) more feature rich, you can use a larger, grid/table/picture based outline of a calendar to list and group common websites maybe in different time frames: 1 day, 7 days, 31 days.  Its easy to read, relate and organize.

3) group items: Right now out in one day, out of 170 'objects' i've really been to 10 sites...  one of them has nearly 40 pages, that has all the same title (i think its caused by AJAX, its a javascript based game and it has to reload the page -- not a developer).

I recon a picture of the favicon - Title of the page and underneath it in a lighter, non bold text it states - and 40 similar pages.  Click an arrow a tree/list forms underneath detail the page data (favicon, title) as well as time, date and other data such as the full URL, time spent on page, etc.

4) I know 3.6 wants to add some statistic tracking measures around history, this seems like a logical solution -- a page for "everything."

5) the current places window is nearly the same as a tab, so it might better use space and reduce clutter.  Maybe the tab looks drastically different (color, style) than the rest and aligns to the right instead?

6) while a con to this is that it changes the UI a bit instead of a window (like the options window and add-ons window).  Maybe you can do the same with the options window -- combine it to a tab, and simply add the "addons window" (extensions, plugins, themes, get addons) into the same page.  These are very similar, so when you open up "options" you can "browse" to your extensions and use the "disable" option for an extension.

7) search bar stuff, that is, the searches you do in the top right search bar could be a seperate item on history.  For example: "You searched <Google icon> Google for "Cars" and visited 3 sites, click the arrow down and a tree/list shows the sites.  This is VERY similar to the web history feature that google has, but the benefit is that google stores your web history stuff on its servers, which is a privacy concern for some, this does the same thing, and doesn't involve them.  It can also be used for EVERY search engine listed on the search box, not just google - freakin awesome!

Final thoughts,
Ideally this involves creating 2 pages, with some more functionality. These pages could also be "themable" with CSS and other HTML stuff i don't know anything about.  Maybe theme developers can dive in and add some really unique themes for these pages/tabs too.  If you think about it, Ubiquity sort of does this already, to me it just makes sense to unify "Preferences & options" on one and "places, history, bookmarks, tags" on the other.

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I like feedback...
Keywords: uiwanted
This is basically move the library into a tab, and possibly re-design some aspects of it. I think most of the suggestions are already things we are likely to do, so duping this to bug 697359.
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