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Upgrade Parallels Server


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I noticed that my new Mac VMs running on Parallels are regularly losing suid permissions on many files, including su and sudo, which is very unhelpful.

I now sepnt some time looking on Google to find what could be the issue, and found that others have seen this with 10.5.6 VMs on Parallels as well, as well as a host-side setting that should prevent this (yay!) - now I just need someone to apply that.

See for what setting is needed on more recent Parallels versions and for what older ones need (not sure which build we have there).
Just as a reminder for me or anyone else who will see such permissions failures on Mac OS X VMs in the future, the problems can be repaired from a login via ssh (as root) by running the following command:

diskutil repairPermissions /

Ideally, this should be done/repeated once that setting on the host is made correctly, as opening any suid program and then running memory-intense stuff (compiling Mozilla, anyone?) tends to re-set permissions and lose suid due to the bug which is prevented by that flag.
I emailed you offline but I have a hot fix from Parallels that's supposed to address some bug fixes and is newer than the one mentioned in the second link.  To add that CPU flag, the OSX VMs need to be powered off anyways.

When's a good time to take a downtime to upgrade Parallels and add the flags?
Some good news.  The hotfix for Parallels Server for Mac (PSfM) and the Nehalem Xserve’s/Mac Pro’s
Is ready for distribution.  They will be active on our site soon. 
  Also attached are the new release notes for your review. 
* Parallels Server for Mac 3.0 Hotfix 3
- url:
- size: 170M (179108554)
- md5: d99052a6f961afb1ed1ec4941f36fb42
- sha: c992c81b2157d77ee154b65888865f1df53efbde
- crc: 936494388
* Parallels Management Console for Mac 3.0 Hotfix 3
- url:
- size: 21M (22917851)
- md5: a0f37924baab0e2a82c3c717850df4e7
- sha: 58bdb1a821a5d0abb26e9b43c9a43aadad19f563
- crc: 2018728959
* Parallels Management Console for Windows 3.0 Hotfix 3
- url:
- size: 25M (27020136)
- md5: fbe9bdbf5e6044cc4f883cd364d691f3
- sha: dfd16ab64b5eabead7df9acc3c4c807389bcfaf6
- crc: 1904104766
* Parallels Management Console for Linux 3.0 Hotfix 3
- url:
- size: 24M (25955026)
- md5: 35c3a20e39d6f74f21c69951132ec914
- sha: b0c8fe34f94b83e5a5d7ae43678e3ba8a6c16579
- crc: 3724892246
* Parallels Server SDK for Mac 3.0 Hotfix 3
- url:
- size: 13M (14655527)
- md5: 25d9d7536b995857bebe1fefe3551e0e
- sha: 514f479721275beb46cfaab9f18bb82c58246ef9
- crc: 1781978471
* Parallels Transporter for Windows Hotfix 3
- url:
- size: 21M (22138596)
- md5: 5e23ccd629159b53f31e477787a21da0
- sha: fdde1820da5443f106ff384fd06b3f9a55688c41
- crc: 1416346710
Also the patched build for PDfM 3.0 will be available through the Auto update feature.  Here’s the link for that as well:
* Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 (build 5638) Novadevelopment
- url:
Please contact me for any questions.
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From the relnotes,

! Mac OS X kernel crashes when installing Parallels Server or starting Parallels 
virtual machines on Mac host computers based on the new Intel Xeon E5520 
(Nehalem) processor - fixed. 
! Files stored in Mac OS X virtual machines may lose the SUID permission bit - 
Can I do this upgrade while I take the box down to install the dual port NIC tomorrow?
Assignee: server-ops → phong
(In reply to comment #4)
> ! Files stored in Mac OS X virtual machines may lose the SUID permission bit - 
> fixed.

Yay, that sounds really good, I'm looking forward to that!

I'll make sure to shut down all the VMs tomorrow, they are testing-only for now in any case.
Summary: Permissions issues (suid lost) on Parallels Mac VMs, need host-side settings → Upgrade Parallels Server
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Graveyard
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