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sync config.guess to latest version from gnu


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Attached file 5/12/09 ChangeLog
We should probably sync config.guess to the latest version from gnu. We haven't done that since 2005. Lots of fixes for bsd, sun, mingw, linux, and other stuff.
Attached patch fix v1.0 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
rs=me, I'm not actually going to review it.
Attached patch fix v1.1Splinter Review
We also have to sync the copy in js, otherwise some tests fail.

NEXT ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | build file copies are not in sync
TEST-INFO | | file(s) found in:               /builds/slave/sendchange-linux-unittest/mozilla/js/src/build
TEST-INFO | | differ from their originals in: /builds/slave/sendchange-linux-unittest/mozilla/build
TEST-INFO | | differing file:                 ./autoconf/config.sub
TEST-INFO | | differing file:                 ./autoconf/config.guess
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fix v1.1

You removed a couple of chunks that were needed when building with the uname distributed in and on mipsEEel (PS2) & OpenVMS.  Look for 'MozillaHack'.  Just wanted to make sure that was intentional.
Removing the OpenVMS hack was on purpose and it looks like gnu picked up "mipsel", which I figured was a replacement for our hack but if we need "mipsEEel" specifically then I should add that back. I hadn't gotten to wintools yet, still running other tests. Thanks for the heads up though.
If it works on the Windows refplatform (using MozillaBuild) that's fine with me for trunk.
pushed to mozilla-central

Dropped all Mozilla hacks - we don't support OpenVMS any more, we don't need to support Netscape's old wintools package afaik, and it looks like supporting PS2 on trunk doesn't matter any more either (looking around on Google).
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This renames linux-arm to linux-gnueabi-arm.
Not sure if this is wanted.
I'll retool my infrastructure to deal with this if we're keeping it.
If its not a big problem its probably best to just do what gnu is doing to avoid having to add hacks.
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