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Session Restore should use cache for as many pages as session history does


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

Not set




(Reporter: jruderman, Unassigned)



Bug 160144 comment 107 complains that session restore results in a bunch of POSTDATA warnings.  It sounds like these pages aren't being cached across sessions, even though they're not no-store.
Session Restore already does that (unless you mean that we should also save the content of the bfcache which would be bug 387598).

If a page isn't cached, it's not our fault. Please either move this bug to a Core component or close it as WORKSFORME.
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Pasi, can you explain what was happening for you in bug 160144 comment 107?  Maybe you had just encountered a crash, in which case this would be bug 105843?
Rereading bug 160144 comment 107, this rather sounds like a request to change the default value for browser.sessionstore.postdata from 0 to a reasonably big number.

IOW: That user actually wants a POSTDATA warning but doesn't get one because we don't save the data to start with (for reasons that mostly elude me; in fact I've been using a value of -1 since implementing that feature with suffering only from bug 451250).
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While Pasi might claim he'd be happy with POSTDATA warnings, I imagine he'd be happier if we cached the result, so we don't have to show warnings at all.
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