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Enable building of toolkit/components/cookie for Thunderbird


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In bug 492279 Thunderbird is looking at improving its cookie policy for TB 3.

As part of this work, we're looking at relying on the core cookie policy rather than our own specific override.

Using the core policy means that a user could change network.cookie.lifetimePolicy to prompt if we should allow cookies for a site or not.

This means we'll need the cookie dialog chrome which exists in toolkit/components/cookie, if we don't have this, no prompt happens and Couldn't convert chrome URL: chrome://cookie/content/cookieAcceptDialog.xul is dumped to the error console.

Therefore I'd like to include that in Thunderbird's build as a) it does not add significantly to the build size, b) it is one less ifdefed directory within toolkit, c) we already include the locale files for it, d) extensions may want to allow the user to enable it. Even if we don't end up using it, I think reducing ifdefs is a good idea.

Requesting r and sr as although I know we just need build review, I'd like to get Dan's approval on including it in the build.

I have tested that an appropriately patched TB brings up the dialog correctly.

I'm looking to get this into 1.9.1 branch, especially as its no-change for Firefox (expect build order).
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The fix

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I'm looking to get permission to land this patch on trunk which is restricted at the moment, irc seems to be quiet wrt drivers so asking on the bug. Here's the answers to the various questions I expect:

- This patch very slightly modifies the order of which Firefox builds directories in toolkit/components.
- This patch passed on try server builds on 18th May. The only failures in tests were failures that occurred on the tree at the same time.
- At some stage soon I'm expecting that Thunderbird will want this patch on the 1.9.1 branch. I'm currently waiting reviews on bug 492279 (which is a TB blocker), so I can't specify how long that is but it could be in the next week or two.
- If I get reviews before the next Thunderbird beta, I'd want to get this patch in as well, I can only do that if this has landed on trunk.
- I have no idea how much longer the Firefox restriction and lock down will be.
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No approval flags for yet :-( so wanted will have to do.

TB 3 wants this to enable inclusion of the cookie prompts for its builds. See comment 2 for more info.
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The fix

Requesting branch approval please see previous comments on this bug for reasons why we need/want this and it doesn't really affect ff.
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The fix

Approved for a=ss for release-drivers
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I can handle my own checkins, I'll do this tomorrow morning UTC.
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Checked in to 1.9.1:
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Mark: can you verify that this is fixed in latest-mozilla1.9.1 nightly or better yet the 3.5.1 release candidate:
Well it is a bit difficult to verify a build config patch, especially one that is enabling stuff for Thunderbird only and not Firefox.

However, I check that the cookie prompt dialog still works in firefox (lifetimePolicy set to 1), and that it also works in Thunderbird. I can't think of anything else to check.
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