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update RSA/DSA powerupself tests to be compliant for 2011


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In 2011, NIST mandates the use of 112-bit security strength cryptography.  This means that RSA 2048 with SHA256 will be the minimum acceptable size for FIPS use.  The CMVP requires that validated module perform their power-up self-test using the current, minimum, Approved key size.  Thus, in 2011, the CMVP may state that already validated modules that only provide a RSA 1024/SHA-1 power-up self-test may not be allowed to use RSA while in a FIPS mode of operation. CMVP did make a ruling along these lines when 56-bit crypto was phased out.  

But an RSA 2048-bit PKCS#1 with SHA-256 will be compliant in 2011 no matter how the CMVP rules. Note that this comment in general also applies to the DSA 1024-bit power-up integrity check.
This patch updates RSA KAT for encryption/decryption, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 Signature KAT tests using a known RSA 2048 bit key pair.

removed the RSA SHA1 KAT since a SHA1 KAT is in sftk_fips_SHA_PowerUpSelfTest and is not needed in sftk_fips_RSA_PowerUpSelfTest. 

since FIPS 186-3 is still in draft stage, we are not going to update DSA KAT. NSS implements DSA according to the current FIPS standard, FIPS 186-2 Change 
Notice 1.
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update sftk_fips_RSA_PowerUpSelfTest to use a 2048 bit key

r+ assuming this is sufficient to still accept RSA SHA1 signatures until they go away (FIPS-wise) in 2010
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thanks bob for the review. I asked the lab if I was allowed to remove the RSA SHA1 KAT before my patch: "You can remove the RSA-SHA1 KAT if you want, or can also leave it in. It does not matter either way as SHA-1 has a standalone KAT of its own too, and RSA is tested with the other SHA's as you point out."

also, Section 9 of the Implementation Guidance for FIPS PUB 140-2 allows for removal of redundant/duplicate KATs.
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