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Parallels server is MIA again


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What we already had in bug 494153 and once again later yesterday when phong tired to access it seems to have happened again: The whole Parallels server is gone.

Interestingly, the VMs themselves appeared to be stable in the time between those server problems, but now it's the whole host that goes down or freezes up or crashes, whatever it actually is.

This time, I see the last message arriving at the tinderbox waterfall at 2009/05/22 10:10:52, all the VMs can't be pinged as before.
How are you testing access to the Parallels server?  If the host OS crashed it'd take down all the VMs and I'm not showing that to be the case.  I connected to the management console and everything but two VMs are running.
Assignee: server-ops → phong
Yes, phong brought it up again a few hours later when I pinged him about this bug on IRC.
Posts #5 and #7 in seem to indicate that someone else has seen the host OS crashing since upgrading to Parallels build 2230, which sounds like the issue we had at least three times now (bug 494153, once again on the same day where I could reach phong on IRC and the instance reported in this bug). (posts #16 and #18) seems to indicate that a Parallels build 2232 should be released "early this week" that fixes both stability issues and 10.5.7 support - maybe this can help us here.
While this is probably unrelated, I need to take the entire server down again to replace the network card.  The first one was not compatible with this generation xserve.  Can I do this today?
PSfM build 2232 is available now, I hope it fixes those issues.
(BUILD 2232) 
 Virtual Machines with Mac OS X Server installed cannot be started on new Mac 
OS X host computers based on the new Intel Xeon E5520 (Nehalem) processor - 
 Virtual machines with 1 CPU and Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 installed may fail to 
start - fixed.
I read that as well thought I suspect the won't explicitely list "stability issues" as named in comment #3 which that user was told on the phone would be fixed in the same build as 10.5.7 support (which is that build 2232 here, apparently).

And did you file a ticket for bug 494671 which we *know* to be a Parallels issue with build 2230 at a very specific place?
KaiRo:  Can we do the parallels upgrade tomorrow morning?
(In reply to comment #8)
> KaiRo:  Can we do the parallels upgrade tomorrow morning?

Sure, just tell me a specific time at which the VMs should be shut down and I'll take care of that.
Can we do this about 10 AM pacific time?
(In reply to comment #10)
> Can we do this about 10 AM pacific time?

Sorry, I was at university at that time. A notice more than half an hour before would be helpful ;-)
Parallels Server updated to build 2232.
Xserve updated to 10.5.7

cb-seamonkey-osx-03/04 also updated to 10.5.7

cb-seasmonkey-osx-01/02 was not updated.
I upgraded osx-01/02 to 10.5.7 as well, let's call this one fixed.

From what I'm seeing so far, the OS X VM crashes might be gone with this, the network issues (can only keep 8 VMs connected) seem to still be there.
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