firefox is still running in background and needs to be closeded to open a new process




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Build Identifier: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10

Firefox fails to load a new url, and will sit there for minutes until I hit escape to close that request.  Hitting the 'Go Back' arrow produces the same result of sitting there with the 'loading circle' going round and round.
Closing all open versions of Firefox and reopening a new Firefox window results in an error message 'Firefox is currently running and needs to close before opening.'   

I can find firefox in Windows Task Manager processes, but cannot kill the process.  Cannot kill with Sysinternals Process Explorer either.

There maybe an IO awaiting closure, but I have not yet found one.  The only solutions are to use another browser or restart or shut down the system.  

This situation does not appear to have a pattern.  I can have many duplicates of Firefox open or just one.  I can have Skype running or not.  I can have the gmail account open or not.  

This can happen 2 or 3 times per day.

I have noticed that if I download a large file from many levels within a site, that after the download finishes, 90% of the time the above situation occurs and I have to reboot.

I cannot deliberately reduplicate the problem.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. cannot deliberately reproduce

This may be a security problem.
>I can find firefox in Windows Task Manager processes, but cannot kill the
>process.  Cannot kill with Sysinternals Process Explorer either.

Can not close means that Firefox hangs in some kernel mode code and that can't and isn't Firefox fault, it be a bug in a kernel mode driver (firewall, antivirus, network card)
Do you use Zonealarm as Firewall ?

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10 years ago
I am using Zonealarm.  Maybe since Zonealarm keeps updating the program itself, such a bug has crept in?   The problem does not happen with other browsers.

Do you have a solution?  Apart from removing Zonealarm?

I was using AVG anti-virus, but have changed over to Avira on one computer.  The problem is still on both computers.
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