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Add another round of locales to fennec


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After Seth's outreach in .l10n, there's another spike of locales that want to join fennec l10n. Let's gather a few and update all-locales.
Please add Belarusian [be].
es-AR is ready to have Fennec builds.
Our team finished the work.
Please add us to all-locales.
Søren is translating Fennec for Danish at the moment. We would like to get it on the dashboard asap, so we can get a build to test with today if possible, since we are at the Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend where we can probably hijack a device to test on.
That'd be be, da, es-AR, gl (per newsgroup).
Marking fixed,

More locales should get a new bug, feel free to open one, CC me, announce the bug number in the newsgroup.
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Aki, to pick up the new locales, we'll need to reconfig the master, I assume.

I'm afraid to actually pick up the changes from l10n.ini to get the new all-locales path, we might actually need a restart, I don't think that I catch a new all-locales path in a reconfig.
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