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Mozilla M17 
BuildID:    2000080712

The output of that FTP server's LIST command is not shown correctly, Mozilla
fails to show file names. No download possible (with lftp, it is possible). Note
that the RFC 959 LIST output is not meant to be parseable :-/			

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
Switch off Proxies for FTP, go that site.

Actual Results:  Some information on the files has been shown, but not the
filenames themselves.					

Expected Results:  It should have properly listed the files.

The format that that server uses is shown at:
Assignee: gagan → rjc
confirming, linux CVS from this morning
Ever confirmed: true
Note: 4.x doesn't support this server's FTP output either.
Target Milestone: --- → Future
Actually, Frederick Roeber added EPLF support to Netscape in 1997. ``Any
future browser release from us should support it,'' he said.

Unfortunately, the EPLF support was lost when the old FTP-parsing code
was replaced with nsFTPDirListingConv. Fixing this should take about
five minutes; EPLF is, by design, extremely easy to parse.

The goal of EPLF is to clean up the FTP LIST-parsing mess. The idea is
for every FTP client to learn how to parse EPLF; then servers can switch
to EPLF; then clients won't have to bother parsing other formats. EPLF
support is already in Voyager 3, Lynx 2.6, Mirror 2.9, EMirror 2.1,
Fetch 3.5, gFTP 2.0.0, lftp 2.2.0, ftpcopy, and Squid 2.3.
Hi dougt, welcome to necko :)
Assignee: rjc → dougt
Blocks: 62352
Adjusting summary.  
Blocks: 62355
No longer blocks: 62352
Summary: Output wrongly parsed, no download possible → EPLF not supported. (SERVERS NOT SUPPORTED)
Need to testing this on windows.  Also need to especially test on the mac
because of the 64 bit math.

D. J. Bernstein, it didn't take 5 minutes as you asserted, but it didn't take 5
hours either.  :-)  One question for you, the way that I test for EPLF format is
that the LIST response's first char is a plus ('+').  Is this a correct premise
or is there a better way to detect EPLF?

Jud, could you code review the patch attached as it stands?  If Dan agrees that
the way I am detecting EPLF is correct, I would like to see about checking this in. 
Keywords: patch
Yes, simply test for +. The + was designed to distinguish EPLF from all
other existing formats.

By the way, you shouldn't use size unless flagsize is set.
gagan, jud, can I get a r= on this?
chris, can I get a sr=?
- Please outdent "case 's'" through "default" to line up with "cast '\t'".

- I'm worried about someone creating a buffer-overrun situation with your
  unchecked ASCII-to-decimal conversion. This is a common way to exploit
  a security hole, and although I can't prove you've created a hole here,
  you might as well check `*line' to make sure it's between '0' and '9'.

Do those things, and sr=waterson.
Nit-picking to uphold Roman and Mozilla common law:

+                        // Mutiply what the last modification date to get usecs.  

Typo, also trailing whitespace on this line and others.

+                        PR_ExplodeTime(usecs, PR_LocalTimeParameters,
+                      } else {
+                          thisEntry->mSupressSize = PR_TRUE;

What's the indentation unit, two spaces or four?  The sacred Emacs modeline
comment says 4 (with a nonsensical tab-width of 2, but the indent-tabs-mode: nil
makes that moot).  Please use four-space indentation.

All other switches in this file exdent their case and default labels to the same
column as the switch keyword.  So should this one, and its case statements then
won't be in a half-world of two-vs-four-space indentation.

mass move, v2.
qa to me.
QA Contact: tever → benc
This has been fixed for a while.
Closed: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
-> ftp
Component: Networking → Networking: FTP
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: PC → All
VERIFIED: Mozilla 1.0 RC1, allplats. +testcase

This has been a testcase for a while...
Keywords: testcase, verifyme
Whiteboard: checkWin, checkLinux
Keywords: verifyme
Whiteboard: checkWin, checkLinux
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