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10 years ago
When discussing the pros and cons of Google's recently released Translation Toolkit, the idea to create a TM from a Firefox localization arose.  Axel raised the exact question, "can silme create a TMX out of a firefox localization? That might be a fun thing to try."

As a point of reference, the French localization team recently launched this glossary for all locales:


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10 years ago
TMX is one thing we should look into.

The other thing I'm talking about here at OTT is the prospect of using machine translation, either stats or rule based, to generate patches for localizations based on patches on other localizations either based on good stats on reduced language or on rules on languages with sufficient similarities (romance languages, English-Welsh, etc). Gotta grab more info from Francis, notes from the MT discussion at http://ott09.aspirationtech.org/index.php/Current_State_of_Machine_Translation.
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