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:hover state of Flash not updated correctly when moving mouse from one embed to another


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:hover state is set correctly on a Flash movie when it is hovered - but it gets stuck if the mouse is moved to another Flash movie without crossing regular browser content. Everything works correctly for embeds with type image/png however.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the testcase
2. Position the mouse over the left video (random video from YouTube, sorry). Notice that the text background turns green.
3. Now move the mouse to the right video. The text background should turn red now but doesn't.

It works correctly for the images below however which are <embed> tags as well.
This sounds like a widget-level or plugins code bug until proven otherwise (I'd guess that the mouse events aren't getting through to nsEventStateManager, which tracks the :hover state).
Component: Style System (CSS) → Widget
QA Contact: style-system → general
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